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HiredHenchman's mission is to see your contingency plan succeed when you need it most! We can help you create your contingency plan and a repeatable process for establishing and managing  new technology relationships. Making use of Transition Services, Service Level Commitments and Technology Escrow provisions is the best way to enable Contingency Plans. If Cloud Enablement is a part of your Digital Transformation, then make it a win/win and contact us for free consultation today!

If you're a Technology User/Licensee

Technology acquisition risk is real. It's not ok to leave the contingency plan as a useless escrow arrangement. Make it work and establish a cadence for safely onboarding new technology by having a working contingency plan laid out as a condition for doing business with you. Plus, you need it for budget approval(s).

If you're a Technology Provider/Licensor

If you're overcoming objections to close new deals, then instill trust with your prospects by offering them a means to recover their data and migrate when needed and rapidly. That contingency plan requires you to be compliant and trustworthy.  Having a workable plan tested at least annually will give prospects peace of mind. 

If you're a Legal Professional or Escrow Agent

Considering the integrated platforms managing a clients data, an orchestrated Contingency Plan involves multiple parties. Long regarded as irrelevant, the Escrow Agent is actually the key to instilling trust in the Cloud. Advise your clients to use HiredHenchman to coordinate, create and manage the right escrow arrangements complementing any contingency plan solution. Partner with us! 


HiredHenchman can execute on your behalf to ensure contracts remain compliant with your DR/BC contingency plans. Failover testing is critical, especially when you have little control over the unknowns. Helping you prepare for unknowns are how we bring real value to the ecosystem of protecting investments in integrated cloud based or hybrid platforms. Don't leave your mission critical data exposed to weakly negotiated licensing/subscription agreements with little or no protection.  Get XaaSProtect! 

Advisory Services

  • 100% FREE!
  • This is how we help our clients prepare contingency plans for technology acquisitions to not only help overcome risk objections to budget approval,  but also to create a repeatable process for safely onboarding new technology. 
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  • XaaSProtect  is where HiredHenchman is engaged for "Active Assistance" with vendor selections and negotiations to optimize Contingency Plans! 
  • Active assistance with management to ensure compliance with DR/BC policy is where we execute on your contracts!
  • See pricing below and download the Master Services Agreement (MSA) for XaaSProtect
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Contingency Plan Creation & Repeatable Process


Hiredhenchman - Home

Vendor Selection Assistance & Contingency Plan Negotiation  

$250/Hr (5 Hr Minimum)

Hiredhenchman - Home

Compliance Audit and Administration

$1,000/Contract /Year


Material Breach and Business Failures

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Managing Technology Acquisitions Risk (TAR) - Contingency Plans Enable Cloud

Introduction to Managing Technology Acquisitions Risk and How Contingency Plans Enable Cloud Deployed Digital Transformations

Managing TAR - Enter HiredHenchman to Instill Trust in all the Moving Parts 

Learn how a trusted third party can help protect investments in mission critical technology and to keep technology providers compliant with your Contingency Plan.

Managing Technology Acquisitions Risk (TAR) - Material Breach and Business Failures

What trouble lurks beyond your sightline? Don't trust based on reputation alone. Inspect what you expect and use a neutral third party to execute on your contracts.  


Let us help you build your brand!

HiredHenchman can make you better as an Escrow Agent, DRaaS Provider, GRC SaaS or other Managed Service Provider. We will not work with anyone who doesn't meet our strict standards of business conduct, which is to provide products and services of the highest quality considering the assets that we protect for our mutual clientele. 

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 SES-Escrow (UK/US - Global)    

For nearly two decades, it has been our mission to challenge the Software Escrow sector by offering innovative IT technology, turning unfriendly and unimaginative Escrow services into must have solutions to protect every business.


SES protect over 2,500 Software Developers, IP Owners, Distributors and End Users in over 40 countries across the world, and our levels of Customer service, Cost Effectiveness and Security have enabled us to become the fastest growing Software Escrow Provider in Europe.

  • ISO9001 & ISO27001 Certified
  • Free Transfer Of Your Existing Escrow Agreement
  • 99% Customer Satisfaction
  • CyberSecurity Service Ready!

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) Providers

GRC Software Providers 

Other Managed Service Providers


***DUE TO PROBLEMS WITH OUR WEB HOSTING PROVIDER, WE CANNOT RECEIVE CONTACT US REQUESTS AT THIS TIME. PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO bruno@hiredhenchman.com OR TEXT TO 303-717-1031 AND WE WILL RESPOND ASAP! *** Consider your business reliance on Everything-as-a-Service,  Access to systems is critical and you should have a workable "application continuity"  Contingency Plan versus just getting your data back. Your SaaS/PaaS and other MSP's need to ensure this plan works no matter what. This trust is how you can overcome the risk objections for doing business and getting technology deals done faster!  To find out what Cloud Enablement looks like for your company, please Contact us below.